”BABYMONSTER”, a monster rookie with YG swag, appears on ”Radio Show”
Korea's YG's new girl group BABYMONSTER completed their first radio schedule and showed off their dignified rookie side.
BABYMONSTER, who made their official debut with "SHEESH," appeared as guests on Cool FM's "Park Myung-soo's Radio Show."
RORA said, "I'm so excited," and AHYEON said, "It's amazing seeing Park Myung Soo in person.
He's really handsome in real life," she joked. RAMI said, "My first radio show was 'Park Myung Soo's La
AHYEON said, "It means that a child with infinite potential has monstrous abilities. It's full of YG swag."
Park Myung Soo explained, "What worries me is that idols are popping up like bamboo shoots after a rain. When new idols come out, it takes time to remember their names. I can't remember ITZY.
"When I meet LE SSERAFIM, I forget ITZY's name," she said, expressing her concern.
BABYMONSTER's strengths include "their hip-hop swag"
They then performed their new song "SHEESH" live. It was YG's first girl group in seven years. PHARITA said, "I want to hold a concert in the future," and ASA said, "I want to hold a concert in the future."
"I want to gradually build up my tracks and hold a solo concert. I hope to have more opportunities to communicate with my fans," he said.
CHIQUITA said about BLACKPINK's LISA's popularity in Thailand, "She's a world star. It's really a big deal." Park Myung Soo said,
"There will be a big fuss for CHIQUITA from now on. She will be the next LISA," said AHYEON. "BLACKPINK is my role model," said Park Myo-hyung.
"Later, BABYMONSTER will also have to perform at Coachella (an outdoor music festival in the US)," said Nance.
PHARITA said, "I got up to go to the bathroom, but RUKA asked me in his sleep, 'Rita, where are you going?'
"I was talking in my sleep. I was even talking in Korean," he said. ASA chose Sundaegukbap (pork sausage soup) as his favorite Korean food. ASA said, "When I first tried it, I was shocked by how good it was.
"It was just one of the dishes I had, but I tried it and it was delicious. I eat it at least once a month. I also like sonji (a type of beef blood clot)."
PHARITA said, "I auditioned in Thailand. YG was my first and last audition.
"It wasn't street casting. I auditioned," she said. In response to the phrase "members that you become fans of," AHYEON said, "I'll do my best to be a part of it."
I was disappointed, but it seems like they looked upon my hard work with a favorable light."
2024/04/15 13:55 KST
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