「LE SSERAFIM」、コーチェラに参加も両極端な反応が相次ぐ
The worst live performance... ”LE SSERAFIM” participates in ”Coachella” but receives polarized reactions... Overseas media praises it as a ”highlight”
Korean girl group LE SSERAFIM has successfully participated in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Coachella) in the shortest period of time since its debut, but has been criticized for their live performance. The group has experienced mixed reactions, with international media praising the band while they have received criticism for their live performance.

 On the 13th of this month (local time), "LE SSERAFIM" took the stage on the second day of Coachella, the largest music festival in the United States. The girls performed a total of 10 songs on stage, including "ANTIFRAGILE," "FEARLESS," and "Perfect Night," including the unreleased song '1-800-hot-n-fun'.

However, the girls were met with criticism from the audience. Apart from the performance, they also expressed their disappointment, saying that the girls were "yelling at each other," "very anxious," and "only their voices are loud. Coachella is a world-renowned music festival, and live performances are very important. The more directly they communicate with the audience on stage, the more they have to prove their vocal abilities, so it is inevitable that they are looked upon harshly. Until then, "LE SSERAFIM" had constantly had live discussions such as encore stages for music programs. Therefore, it became impossible to avoid it this time as well. This also brought the spotlight back to the stage of the Korean girl group "BLACKPINK," which had made "Coachella" a hotly anticipated event last year.

 It is not only criticism. Contrary to the cruel Korean domestic reaction, foreign media praised the event. U.S. Billboard listed the girls' stage as one of the best moments of the second day of "Coachella," saying, "'LE SSERAFIM' put on a passionate performance on a large stage and kept the audience excited throughout the 10-song set list," and added, "The highlight of the performance was the unreleased song '1-800-hot-n-fun', which will open a new era of hot and fun for 'LE SSERAFIM."

 The British music magazine NME also reported, "'LE SSERAFIM' stood at 'Coachella' in the shortest period of time among Korean artists ahead of its second anniversary. This record shows how much influence the five members have had on the music world. LE SSERAFIM is forging its own path. Watching 'LE SSERAFIM' together, hand in hand, greeting the audience, you come to know that the power that allows this group to conquer 'Coachella' comes from relying on each other," said MTV UK.

MTV UK, along with a photo of the "LE SSERAFIM" performance site, stated, "'LE SSERAFIM' went straight to victory! (LE SSERAFIM we're going straight to victory!)."

 Thus, "LE SSERAFIM" has experienced extreme reactions from both sides of the spectrum in terms of live performance ability. On the 20th of this month, the girls will be performing for the second time at "Coachella," and we wonder if they will be able to win back the hearts of the disappointed crowd. What kind of performance will they give?
2024/04/15 19:57 KST
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