「Red Velvet」アイリーン、“白Tシャツ×ジーンズ”は真理…何をしても可愛い
”Red Velvet” IRENE, ”white T-shirt x jeans” is the truth... cute no matter what
IRENE of the Korean girl group "Red Velvet" boasted her pure beauty. IRENE posted a recent photo on her Instagram on the 16th, without a special comment.
In the photo, IRENE is wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, showing off her innocent look. She is smiling cutely with her hair flying.
In addition, IRENE boasts a refined beauty with clear facial features. Her refreshing smile catches the eye.
Meanwhile, Red Velvet, the group Irene belongs to, recently released their third full album "Chill Kill" and promoted the title song of the same name.

2024/04/16 12:49 KST
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