From ”V in combat uniform” to ”JIN brewing traditional alcohol”... BTS members' military life updates are a hot topic
All members of BTS who are currently enlisted in the military, have been the topic of much discussion as their recent activities have been reported.

 On the 17th (today), Park Rok-dam, director of the Korean Traditional Sake Research Institute, stated via SNS, "We are receiving more and more applications for tasting sessions of traditional Korean brewing with Seok-jin, a fan of BTS. I will reconsider the development and status of Korean traditional brewing," he said, revealing a photo of JIN.

 In the photo, JIN is concentrating on his brewery, and his love for traditional Korean sake is well known among his fans. Before joining the military, he met Baek Jung-won and learned how to brew traditional sake from Director Park, whom he met through Baek Jung-won's experience with traditional sake. He has also participated as a special judge for the Korean Master of Sake and has found time during his military leave to brew traditional sake and present it to his acquaintances, attracting a lot of attention.

 JIN enlisted in December 2022 and is serving as an assistant instructor in the Army Recruit Training Corps. He has been leading an exemplary military life by becoming a special grade warrior and advancing early, and will be the first member of the group to return to his fans after completing his military service in June this year.

 On this day, V attracted attention when he was shown wearing the combat uniform of the military police. A Korean media outlet reported that he is serving in the Ssangyong Unit of the Army's 2nd Corps and was posted on a YouTube channel during a combat shooting drill. In particular, V's intense eyesight and slender figure drew admiration and provoked reactions from fans, such as "I believe it when they say it's a scene from a movie," and "I thought it was a still cut.

After passing the Special Duty Team (SDT) of the Army's Capital Defense Command and entering active duty last December, V went through basic military training and additional training at the Army General Administration School, an educational unit for the latter half of his career, before being assigned to his own unit and is currently serving in a specially assigned unit of the military police corps directly under command in the 2nd Army Corps of the Chuncheon Army. Recently, he and his fellow generals were caught on live TV watching a Gangwon FC soccer match at the main stadium of Chuncheon Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, and he also revealed his recent vacation.

 Meanwhile, all members of BTS, to which V belongs, are currently enlisted in the military. Starting in June of this year, the members will be discharged from the military in order, with JIN leading the way, and they plan to be fully formed in 2025.
2024/04/17 19:52 KST
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