「Red Velvet」ジョイ、ピアスやタトゥーができない理由とは?“怖がりだから”
Red Velvet's JOY: Why can't he get piercings or tattoos? ”Because I'm scared”
Red Velvet member JOY revealed that he can't get piercings or tattoos because he's too scared.
On the 19th of this month, the Korea side said, "Sanrio characters overflowing from the pouch endlessly!? The rumored Sanrio lover "Red
Velvet's JOY's 2024.ver updated What's in My Bag revealed!"
In the video, JOY said, "I'm a scaredy-cat, so I'm afraid of getting piercings. I don't have any piercings except for the two on my earlobes."
He continued, "When I was shooting the music video, the makeup artist suggested that I add some parts," and added, "I don't have that kind of attitude because I'm lazy and decadent for no reason."
"I thought maybe I was doing it for the taste, but I don't plan on getting piercings or tattoos in the future because they hurt," he added.
JOY also confessed, "Ten years ago, I didn't take care of my skin at all. Now I work hard to take care of it."
She continued, "I try to drink a lot of water and not eat a lot of processed foods. I try to eat more vegetables and fruits. I have dry skin, so hydration is really important.
I also take hyaluronic acid capsules and use products that contain hyaluronic acid a lot,” he said, revealing his know-how.
"I have a lot of items because I have a lot of luggage in Japanese, just in case I get sick," she said, "My hobby is collecting pouches. I have a lot," and surprised everyone by revealing that she has six pouches alone.

果てしなく出てくるポーチにあふれるサンリオたち!? 噂のサンリオラバー『Red Velvet』ジョイの2024.ver アップデートされたワッツインマイバッグ公開!
果てしなく出てくるポーチにあふれるサンリオたち!? 噂のサンリオラバー『Red Velvet』ジョイの2024.ver アップデートされたワッツインマイバッグ公開!

2024/04/21 05:58 KST
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