「Red Velvet」ジョイ&BIG Naughty、15日にデュエット曲を発売…映画「余命10年」コラボレーションプロジェクト音源
Red Velvet's JOY and BIG Naughty to release duet on the 15th... Soundtrack for the movie ”10 Years Left to Live” collaboration project
JOY (JOY) of the Korean girl group Red Velvet and artist BIG Naughty (Seo Dong-hyun) will perform a duet song.
The song "My Lips, Like Warm Coffee," a collaboration project featuring JOY and BIG Naughty in the film "10 Years Left to Live," will be released on the 15th.
The release date has been confirmed for 6 p.m. "My Lips, Like Warm Coffee" is the title song of the same name recorded in the 4.5th album of the group "S#arp" released in 2001.
It has been reinterpreted in the 2024 version through the voices of Joy and BIG Naughty.
Naughty sings sad lyrics about a man and woman about to break up, expressing their feelings to each other.
The song expresses itself frankly and leaves a gentle aftertaste. The small instrumental arrangement consisting of guitar, percussion, and string quartet completes the song, allowing the artist to focus completely on his voice.
JOY's group Red Velvet is a global artist representing K-POP, and released their third full album "Chill" in November last year.
In addition to his group activities, JOY also released his solo album "Hello," proving his worth as a solo artist.
I am participating in various TV series OSTs (original soundtracks), project sound sources, etc., and am taking a diverse and active path.
Naughty is a talented artist with a strong musical style and trendy personality.
He has collaborated with various artists such as Somi, 10CM, BI, and Bang Yedam, and has been active in various fields.
The film "10 Years Left to Live" depicts the story of Matsuri, who was diagnosed with an incurable disease at the age of 20, meeting Kazuto, who has lost the will to live, and the dazzling four seasons.
It is a love story. Starring Nana Komatsu and Kentaro Sakaguchi, it was re-released in Korea in April and received great love from the audience. Meanwhile, JOY and BIG
The song "My Lips, Like Warm Coffee," a collaboration project song in which Naughty participated in singing for the movie "10 Years Left to Live," will be released on various online platforms at 6 p.m. on the 15th.
The line-source music will be released through the STREAM site.
2024/05/08 10:51 KST
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