”EXO” DO (Do Kyungsoo), ”Mars” MV is Hot Topic... Boyish visuals and passionate performance complete uniqueness
The return of DO from the boy group EXO has delighted listeners. DO's new mini album "BLOSSOM" has been a hit worldwide.
It is gaining huge popularity. As of the 7th, it was ranked No. 1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 36 regions around the world, and was also ranked No. 1 on China's largest music platform QQ Music and KuGou Music.
It also topped the music digital album sales chart, proving DO's power as a solo vocalist.
DO's new song "BLOSSOM" which he released for the first time in about eight months shows his growth as an artist.
This album contains a total of six songs, including the title track "Mars," and is a culmination of DO's musical world, which has shown his talent for growing up.
The music video for "Mars" is also receiving positive reviews. The video starts with DO riding a bicycle loaded with flowers, piques interest, and expresses the emotion of love with the flowers in full bloom.
Also, DO, with his preppy look, retro glasses, keyboard and wearable watch, touches multiple machines and sends messages saying "I want to meet you" to someone in another place.
Since his debut, DO has been attracting attention as an artist with a boyish beauty. His refreshing visuals that remain unchanged over time and his fresh voice that evokes youth.
His appearance alone, including his charm, was enough to attract the attention of the public. Add to this his solid acting skills, and the music video for "Mars" became even more special.
This music video, which captures the unique atmosphere of the song, is not only enjoyable in a different way but also exudes a unique sensibility, and has received a warm response from fans.
Meanwhile, DO, who became a hot topic with the release of his new album, will be appearing on KBS2's "The Seasons" on the night of the 10th.
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Doh Kyung Soo 'Mars' MV
Doh Kyung Soo 'Mars' MV

2024/05/09 06:29 KST
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