”EXO” DO (Do Kyungsoo) kept his promise with ZICO... From ”best friend chemistry” to dance challenge... Live performance on KBS2 ”Artist”
DO (Do Kyungsoo), a member of the group EXO and an actor, visited his close friend ZICO's "artist."
DO appeared on KBS2's "THE SEASONS ~ ZICO's Artists" broadcast on the 10th, showcasing his unrivaled live performance skills and outstanding performance.
DO appeared singing "Popcorn," a preview track from his new album "BLOSSOM," and captivated the audience with his outstanding tone and powerful vocals.
DO's flowing and comfortable live performance drew the admiration of the audience, "As expected from DO." DO also boasted about his chemistry with ZICO as "best friends," adding to the fun.
He was teased for not knowing much about memes, but he stood firm in his views, eliciting laughter from the audience. DO then followed ZICO's lead by talking about popular topics.
DO also participated in the challenge. DO also danced the freestyle dance from the "Popcorn" music video with ZICO to heat up the venue, and
They even performed a surprise collaboration stage of their new song "SPOT!". At the end, DO sang the title song of their 3rd mini album "Mars" and got into sync with the audience.
His relaxed stage performance, exuding boyish beauty with a gentle smile, thrilled the hearts of fans who met him for the first time in a long time.
DO's 3rd mini album "BLOSSOM" was released on the 7th. DO will be releasing a 100% EP album in Seoul in June.
We plan to hold our first Exclusive Asia Fan Con Tour.

ド・ギョンス(D.O.)×ジコ Popcorn でたらめダンス “簡単ではないね” [THE SEASONS~ジコのアーティスト] | KBS 240510 放送
ド・ギョンス(D.O.)×ジコ Popcorn でたらめダンス “簡単ではないね” [THE SEASONS~ジコのアーティスト] | KBS 240510 放送

2024/05/11 12:37 KST
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