「EXO」D.O.、 IUのYouTubeコンテンツに出演… IU、「D.O.のファンクラブ’名を考えていて眠れなかった」
”EXO's DO appears on IU's YouTube content...” IU: ”I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of a name for DO's fan club”
DO (Do Kyungsoo) of the group EXO was recommended the name of his fan club by IU. On the 13th, the YouTube channel "Ichigum" posted a video titled "IU's Palette With
In the video, DO said, "I thought it would be a great experience to perform a duet with IU, so I decided to appear on the show.
I was amazed when I saw it. Time just flew by. I knew all the songs and it was so much fun." IU said she had thought of about nine fan club names for DO.
"Our fans call us 'Ena' even though our fan club name is 'Yu Ena.' I couldn't sleep last night thinking about names for Do Kyungsoo's fan club. We have names like 'I DO,' 'Douremi,' etc."
Regarding meeting her fans for the first time in a long time, DO said, "I'm really excited. I'm nervous because I'm going on stage alone. We've always been together. I really wanted to sing my song for the first time.
"I'm going to do about 10 songs," he said. Regarding DO's improvement in selfie skills, he said, "It's still very difficult. The staff will take the composition for me. I'll try to study hard."
I tried taking pictures with various compositions, but I really don't want to see it," he said. He continued, "The ending pose is also difficult. When I'm working on a piece, I never look at the camera. I can't make eye contact with the camera.
It's weird. The last time I was promoting as EXO, I mustered up the courage to look at the camera, but I couldn't. At the end of the song, I just stayed still in the pose I'd finished."
He added that he loves cooking, "I love eating and I love cooking. The food I'm most confident about eating is ramen. The food I'm most confident about making is fried rice and pasta."
She also said that she likes anime and would like to try "My Element" if it were to be made into a live-action film. IU said, "I have kind eyes, so I think 'My Element' suits me well."
I empathize. DO said, "I wish things would stay the same and not change too much. It's hard to maintain that. My life these days is really good."
2024/05/13 21:51 KST
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