「Red Velvet」ジョイ、きょう(15日)コラボレーションプロジェクト音源発売
Red Velvet's JOY to release collaboration project music today (15th)
The audio for the collaboration project featuring JOY from the girl group Red Velvet will be released.
JOY participated in the song "My Life" collaboration song for the movie "10 Years Left"
"Lips Like Warm Coffee" will be released on various music sites at 6 pm today (15th) and is expected to receive a positive response from music fans around the world.
This new song, which will be released as part of a collaboration project for the movie "10 Years Left to Live," which was re-released in April, features the 2001 group "S#ar
The song is the title track of the same name that was recorded on the 4.5th album of "Mr. P" and is sung by JOY and BIG Naughty together, and it is expected to have a different charm from the original song.
The new song "My Lips, Like Warm Coffee" features sad lyrics about a man and woman about to break up and express their feelings for each other, as well as guitar, percussion, and string quartet.
The song is impressive for its small instrumental arrangement, and the simple yet sweet vocals of JOY and BIG Naughty make the song even richer and more diverse.
In particular, JOY has previously released the special album "Hello" and the OST "Introduce Me to Someone Good" for the tvNTV series "Hospital Playlist."
Since he has released many remakes of songs with his unique clear and attractive voice and received an explosive response, this new song reborn with JOY's emotional vocals is also attracting a lot of attention.
Meanwhile, Red Velvet, the group Joy belongs to, is celebrating its 10th debut anniversary this year and plans to continue its active activities.
2024/05/15 09:53 KST
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