”EXO” DO (Do Kyungsoo) appears on YouTube channel ”Channel Jugoya”
Versatile entertainer DO (Do Kyungsoo) of EXO appeared on "Channel Fifteenth Night" and showed off his exceptional variety skills.
On the 14th, a live stream was held on the YouTube channel "Channel 15 Nights" with the title "Live with the Handsome Young Man Kyungsoo". It lasted for about 2 hours.
During the live performance, DO and producer Na Young-seok talked about their trivial daily lives and the release of their third mini album, "Growth
(BLOSSOM)" and the UNBOXING of the show.
PD Na Young-seok named DO as an artist who excels in both singing and acting.
During the live performance, DO improvised a rendition of "About Time." Despite being unaccompanied, he perfectly executed the pitch, rhythm, and even improvisation, proving his talent.
The "tiki-taka" between DO and PD Na Young-seok also added to the fun of watching. PD Na Young-seok spoke for the fans and played pranks on purpose.
In addition, DO also performed a duet with PD Na Young-seok and performed the ending pose for a music show.
During the live performance, SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan said through PD Na Young-seok, "Do senior, IU's YouTube channel 'Palette'
I was really moved when I saw you singing "Love Wins All" on "E-Contents". I contacted you because you were in the middle of a live performance. Congratulations on your comeback. Good luck with the live performance.
Please continue to support me," he said in a surprise message of support. Meanwhile, DO's third mini album, "Growth
"BLOSSOM" is a diverse story of growth that begins with love and everyday emotions.
It is also a compilation of DO's musical world, which has grown as an artist, and is an album that harmonizes his unique tone with a warm sensibility reminiscent of spring.
A total of six songs were recorded, including the title song "Mars," which tells the story of a loveable, growing-up love story.
Upon its release, "BLOSSOM" topped the iTunes Top Albums charts in a total of 36 countries/regions, and became China's biggest music
It also topped the digital album charts on platforms QQ Music and KuGou Music. The title track "Mars" was the top song on iTunes in 23 countries/regions.
It also topped the charts, proving its global popularity.
2024/05/15 10:46 KST
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