ASTRO's EUN WOO & Kwon Eun Bi (former IZONE) release Sprite advertising making-of film
Coca-Cola's cider brand "Sprite" is currently shooting an advertisement for Cha EUN WOO (ASTRO) and Kwon Eun Bi (former IZONE), who are the models for the summer campaign.
The making-of video for the drama was released on the 13th. In the making-of video, Cha EUN WOO and Kwon Eun Bi are seen cooling off in the hot city with a shower of Sprite.
The video included footage of the group blowing away the heat with a refreshing blast. They enjoyed a water gun battle with intense energy, and expressed their freshness with their whole bodies while drinking Sprite.
Throughout the video, you can see the professionalism of Cha Eun Woo and Kwon Eun Bi, who never lose their refreshing smiles even amidst the splashing water.
Recently, Sprite released a "Sprite" scene with Cha EUN WOO and Kwon Eun Bi to keep cool in the heat.
Coca-Cola's official YouTube channel has released a digital advertising video that intuitively conveys the message of blowing away heat and stress with the intense freshness of Sprite through a shower.
The video was released on the YouTube channel. The video's beautiful visuals and storyline drew attention, and the comments such as "Summer is Sprite after all" and "Sprite-Cha EUN WOO-Kwon Eun Bi" were aired at the same time.
The video elicited explosive reactions from fans, such as "She's the epitome of freshness," confirming the cool duo of "human sprites" Cha Eun Woo and Kwon Eun Bi.
A Coca-Cola official said, "The shower scene in Sprite reminded us of the water festival.
We decided to release this behind-the-scenes video so that many people can experience the atmosphere on set and feel cool to the core just by watching it." "This summer, Cha EUN WOO and Kwon
"I hope you will cool down the heat with the refreshing charm of Eunbi and Sprite, the world's number one cider brand."
"Sprite" summer campaign digital advertisement and making-of film
It can be viewed on Coca-Cola's official YouTube and Instagram channels.

2024/06/13 14:04 KST
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