”BTS” JIN, full of heartfelt affection for fans... ”2024 FESTA” behind-the-scenes cuts revealed
BTS's JIN has released behind-the-scenes footage from "2024 FESTA."
On the 13th, JIN posted several photos on his Instagram without any special comment.
The photo shows JIN participating in "2024 FESTA," which was held to commemorate BTS' debut date (June 13).
Amid falling confetti, JIN showed his love for his fans by singing passionately and blowing kisses.
Also, the sad look he gives as he looks out at the audience from the stage speaks of his nostalgia for his fans.
His appearance holding the hug party plaque and his serious look backstage were enough to move fans.
JIN’s short hair, which has finally grown out, makes us feel his discharge.
JIN, who discharged on the 12th, chose to meet his fans as his first step.
In the first part of the program, "Seokjin's Sunny Day on June 13th, 2024," he made eye contact with each of the 1,000 fans and exchanged warm hugs with them. In the second part, "Seokjin's Sunny Day on June 13th, 2024," he greeted 4,000 fans.
Fans and reporters around the world are eagerly watching JIN's future steps.
In addition, all members of BTS, except for JIN, will be suspending group activities due to military service.
With these plans, the group is planning to resume activities as a complete group in 2025.
2024/06/14 14:21 KST
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