BTS fan accuses fans in question of kissing JIN... Sexual harassment requires vigilance.
‘BTS’ JIN was suddenly kissed by some fans, and some fans reportedly accused the fan of sexual harassment.

On the 14th, A, who identified themselves as a ‘BTS’ fan on the fan community's ‘BTS’ gallery, claimed that they had accused the fan who sexually harassed JIN of violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act through the ‘Kukumin Shindeungeo’ (= Korean government complaint website).

A said "I hope that the agency that made JIN, who was newly discharged from the military with a keen interest in making money, experience such an insult will reflect on their actions" and "Some fans of BTS took advantage of the characteristics of the 'hugging' event, which makes it difficult to explicitly and actively resist or avoid, to cause sexual shame and disgust and to engage in 'sexual harassment' against good sexual morality." They claimed that they violated victim JIN's right to sexual self-determination by ‘sexually harassing’ her in a way that violated her concept of good sexual morality,’ and called for immediate investigation and urged for severe punishment.

According to the photo released by Mr A, the relevant complaint has been received at the Seoul Songpa Police Station.

On the 13th, one day after his discharge from the military, JIN held ‘JIN's Greetings’ at the ‘2024 FESTA’ offline event at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium to meet his fans. This was a light hugging event that reflected JIN's desire to spend precious time with his fans ‘ARMY’ in close proximity, and attracted a lot of attention as a whopping 1,000 people were expected to participate.

JIN's love for his fans shone through as he communicated with them as soon as he was discharged from the military, but there was also a lot of concern about safety because of the large number of people gathered. In particular, the sudden behaviour of some fans on that day, such as attempting to kiss JIN and actually kissing him on the cheek, raised eyebrows. It was pointed out that JIN had organised the event with a good purpose, but even the meaning of the event was diluted due to these actions, as the materials were spread online and it was claimed that skinship against one's will is a crime of indecent assault.

It was reported that JIN was caught panicking for a while due to the sudden situation, but JIN quickly welcomed the next fan and finished the event professionally. They said, "I thought it was good that I finished earlier than I expected and did 2,000 people. When I go back into the army, I'll do 5,000 people then", he said, "They treated me very well. I regret that I may have sent them too early’ and communicated with a large number of fans without any problems."

Meanwhile, ‘FESTA’ is a festival that ‘BTS’ enjoys with their fans every year to celebrate their debut day (13th June), and this year JIN participated in the offline event. With the exception of JIN, who was discharged from the military on 12th June, the remaining members of ‘BTS’ have suspended their group activities due to military service and are planning to complete their activities in 2025.
2024/06/14 18:29 KST
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