”BTS” JIN's discharge commemorative tteokbokki and mandu released... ”bibigo & Wootteo” new products
CJ Daiichi Sugar's food brand ‘bibigo’ will unveil collaborative products with entertainment planning company HYBE.

CJ Daiichi Sugar announced on the 17th that it will launch a limited edition package of bibigo products with the character ‘Wootteo’, which stands for ‘space drifter’ and is a character created by ‘BTS’ JIN himself.

The package contains the concept of Wootteo going on a journey to the bibigo planet to find the meaning of Korean food. The collaboration was organised to commemorate JIN's discharge from the military.

Of the bibigoX products presented in this limited edition package, the products consisted of bibigo's core strategic products such as Korean street food and mandu (dumplings).

The products will be available until the end of this year at major large-scale marts in Korea, as well as online and offline channels such as CJ The Market, the official mall of CJ Daiichi Sugar, NAVER, G Market and B Mart.

Park Ji-young, CJ First Sugar's bibigo brand marketer, said: ‘We are happy that bibigo and JIN's character Wootteo have met and are able to present a differentiated product’.
2024/06/17 12:15 KST
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