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  • Hangul: 태양
  • Birthdate: 1988/5/18 (age 36)
  • Height/Weight: 173cm/58kg

TAEYANG (Korean: 태양) is a singer. The genre of music is dance and hip hop. Main vocalist of boy group "BIGBANG".
Born on May 18, 1988. Height: 173cm. Weight: 58kg. Hobbies/Special Skills: Rap, dance, beatbox, songwriting, English, Japanese.
Family: Brother: Dong HyunBae (actor), wife: Min HYOLYN (actress). Korean management office: THEBLACKLABEL.
Participated in YG FAMILY's second album in 2002. Representative works: [Music] (Activities with the group "BIGBANG" are omitted) [Korea]
2008 1st mini album "Hot", 2009 digital single "Where U At", digital single "Wedding"
Dress”, 2010 1st album “Solar”, 2013 “RINGA LINGA”, 2014 “Eyes, Nose, Mouth”, “1AM”, 2017 “WAKE ME”
UP”, “DARLING”, 2018 “LOUDER” (2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics cheering song), 2023 “VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)”
[Japan] 2010 Thelma Aoyama "Fall In Love". Korean singer TAEYANG's real name is Dong Young Bae. BIGBANG's main vocalist. SOL is in Japan
It is the name of the activity. Their name in South Korea is TAEYANG, which means "sun". Blood type B. He is very fluent in Japanese, which is his special skill, and he can understand most Japanese TV programs without an interpreter.
I can have a conversation. He and G-Dragon have been together as trainees at an agency since they were elementary school students, and have had many joys and hardships together. She has a reputation not only for her singing ability but also for her dancing. .
Episodes/Anecdotes: - On June 2, 2015, Love Affair Rumors surfaced with actress Min HYOLYN, who co-starred in the music video for her solo song "1AM". On the same day, they admitted to dating.
・On December 18, 2017, he announced that he would marry Min HYOLYN in February 2018.・In December 2021, a boy was born with Min HYOLYN.
・On December 26, 2022, it was announced that he had left YG and transferred to THEBLACKLABEL. .

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