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Jeon Hye Jin


  • Hangul: 전혜진
  • Birthdate: 1970/8/9 (age 53)
  • Height/Weight: 170cm/50kg

Jeon Hye Jin (Korean: 전혜진) is a talent and actress. A popular actress from Miss Korea who is loved by people of the same sex. Born on August 9, 1970.
Height: 170cm. Weight: 50kg. Hobbies/Special Skills: Bowling, painting. Education: Department of Industrial Design, Hanyang Women's University. Miss Korea in 1991.
Korean actress Jeon Hye-jin made her debut in the entertainment industry when she was selected as Miss Korea in 1991. After that, Hot Topic songs were released one after another.
She appeared in Rama and was highly praised for her elegant feminine atmosphere and acting skills. In 2006, <YOKOHAMA Love Summit 2006> was held in Yokohama.
Appeared as a special MC for a Japan-Korea charity event. He captivated the audience with his fluent Japanese. .
Episodes/Anecdotes: In 2008, I married Mr. Lee, a man four years older than me who works for a foreign company. The two met through an acquaintance, and when Jung Hye Jin's father passed away,
It is said that they decided to get married because he supported her by her side.・Jung Hye-jin, who loves Japan, is able to have a simple conversation in Japanese. .

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