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  • Hangul: 도영
  • Birthdate: 1996/2/1 (age 28)

DOYOUNG (Korean: 도영) is a singer. The genre of music is dance. A member of SM Entertainment's new concept boy group "NCT".
Born February 1, 1996. Family: Older brother is actor Kong Myung. Korean management office: SM Entertainment (as of 2023).
Digital single "The 7th Sense" of "NCT U" in 2016. Masterpiece: [Music] (Group "NCT", unit activities omitted) <OST> "Hard
for me” (18/TV Series “Rich Man ~The Liar is the Beginning of Love~” OST Part.5), “Night Air” (21/TV Series “Midnight Cafe” OST
Part.2), "Like a Star" (21/TV Series "Yumi's Cells" OST
Part.4), "Just a Little Bit" (22/Disney+ original series "Soundtrack
#1" OST), "To You Who Can't Love You" (22/TV Series "To X Who Don't Love Me" OST Part.3), "Beautiful
Day” (23/TV Series “Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 3” OST Part.3).
Korean singer Do Yeong is a member of the boy group "NCT". "NCT" unit "NCT"
U" in April 2016 and debuted as "NCT 127" in July of the same year. His real name is Kim Dong-yeon. actor konmi
Jung is a real older brother. .

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