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Byeon WooSeok


  • Hangul: 변우석
  • Birthdate: 1991/10/31 (age 32)
  • Height/Weight: 189cm

Byeon WooSeok (Korean: 변우석) is an actor. He is currently enjoying a big break with his sweet looks and outstanding style in "Run with Sungjae on Your Back"!
Born on October 31, 1991. Height: 189.0cm. Education: Cheongju University, Department of Theater and Film. Family: Father, mother, older sister.
Korea management office: VARO Entertainment (as of 2024). 2016, TV Series "Dear My Friends".
Korean actor Byeon WooSeok made his debut in the TV series "Dear My Friends" in 2016, and has since appeared in such films as "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" and "Weightlifting Fairy".
She has matured as an actress through roles in dramas such as "Fairy Kim Bok Joo" and is attracting attention as a rising star of the next generation. She has gained a wide following through numerous commercials, magazines and fashion show stages.
He is known for his perfect figure and refreshing looks that have captured the hearts of women. He was also selected as the main MC for the variety show "One Day Suddenly 1 Million Won".
He showed off his conversation skills and became popular with the viewers.

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