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Nam Ji Hyun(EX 4Minute)


  • Hangul: 남지현
  • Birthdate: 1990/1/9 (age 34)
  • Height/Weight: 167cm/49kg

Nam Ji Hyun (Korean: 남지현) is a talent, singer and actress. The genre of music is dance. The leader of the girl group "4Minute".
Born January 9, 1990. Height: 167cm. Weight: 49kg. Hobbies/special skills: Ballet, dancing. Korean management office: Urban
Works (as of 2023). 2009 <4Minute> "Hot Issue". Masterpiece: [Music] (Activities as a group <4Minute> omitted)
[TV Series] "It's Okay, Papa's Daughter" (10/SBS), "My Little Baby" (16/MBC), "The Strongest Delivery Man" (17/KBS), "Taikun - Draw Love" ( 18/TV
CHOSUN), "When the devil calls your name" (19/tvN), "Love is troublesome but I hate being lonely! 』(20/MBC
every1), "Why Oh Suzy?" (22/SBS) [Movie]
"Midnight FM" (10), "Dead Camping the Live" (22).
Korean singer JIHYOon (real name: Nam JIHYOon) is the leader of the female group 4Minute.
In addition to activities as "4Minute", her talent is blooming as an actress. . Episode/Anecdote:・In 2017, the activity name was changed to Song JIHYO. .

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