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  • Hangul: 정연
  • Birthdate: 1996/11/1 (age 27)

Jeongyeon (Korean: 정연) is an entertainer and singer. The genre of music is dance. The lead vocalist of TWICE, whose older sister is actress Gong SeungYeon.
Born November 1, 1996. Korean management office: JYP Entertainment (as of 2023). 2015 TWICE EP album "THE STORY
BEGINS". Masterpiece: [Music] (The activities of the group "TWICE" are omitted). Korean singer Jeongyeon's real name is Yoo Jeongyeon. In "TWICE", he is in charge of lead vocals. sister is
Actress Gong Seung Yeon, her father is Yoo Chang Jun, a cooking researcher. Features short hair. .

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