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  • Hangul: 예리
  • Birthdate: 1999/3/5 (age 25)

YERI (Korean: 예리) is a singer. Music genres are dance and ballads. "Red" introduced as a member of the pre-debut group "SMROOKIES"
Velvet' member. Born March 5, 1999. Korean management office: SM Entertainment (as of 2023).
2014 single album "Happiness". Representative work: [TV Series] "TV Series Stage 2021-Mint Condition" (2
1/tvN), Bitch X Rich (23/Wavve). Korean singer Yeri is a member of the girl group "Red".
A member of Velvet, whose real name is Lim Kim. Casted in SM in 2011
, singing, rapping, and dancing. Introduced as a member of the pre-debut group "SMROOKIES". .

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