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Lee YulEum


  • Hangul: 이열음
  • Birthdate: 1996/2/16 (age 28)
  • Height/Weight: 165cm/45kg

Lee YulEum (Korean: 이열음) is a talent and actress. A promising actress who has become a hot topic as the daughter of middle-ranking actress Yoon Young-joo. Born on February 16, 1996.
Height: 165cm. Weight: 45kg. Hobbies/special skills: Swimming, ballet, modern dance, piano. Educational background: Yongdeok Girls High School. Family: Mother: Yoon Young Joo (actress).
Korean management office: Nam Actors (as of 2023). 2013 TV Series "I can't stand it anymore". Masterpiece: [TV Series]
"I Can't Take It Anymore" (13/JTBC), "Boy Reunites with Girl" (13/MBC), "Junior High School Student A-chan" (14)
/KBS2), "High School World King" (14/tvN), "Divorce Lawyer is in Love" (15/SBS), "Protect Your Family" (15/KBS), "Village -
Achiara's Secret” (15/SBS), “Monster” (16/MBC), “Love Triangle-I will fall in love with you again-”
(2018/OCN), "KBSTV Series Special - Mom's Third Marriage" (2018/KBS), "Descendants of Jang Geum" (2018/MBC), "Chosen - Women's War" (2019)
/TVCHOSUN), "Even if I understand" (21/JTBC) [Movies] "Black Corridor 2" (14), "The King" (17), "MADE" (19), "Beyond That Mountain" ( 2
0), "Ghost Story" (21), "Seoul Ghost Story" (22). Korean actress Lee YulEum is a newcomer who debuted in 2013 with the TV series "I Can't Take It Anymore". The 2014 single-shot TV Series "Chu
Student A-chan”, and the fact that mid-level actress Yoon Young-joo is a mother has also become a hot topic. She has excellent acting skills and is a promising actress. .

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