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Ryu Jun Yeol


  • Hangul: 류준열
  • Birthdate: 1986/9/25 (age 37)
  • Height/Weight: 183cm/70kg

Ryu Jun Yeol (Korean: 류준열) is an actor and talent. Her appearance on “Reply 1988” has attracted a lot of attention! A unique actor who belongs to C-JeS.
Born on September 25, 1986. Height: 183cm. Weight: 70kg. Education: Bachelor of Theater and Film at Suwon University.
Korean management office: C-JeS Entertainment. In 2014, the short film "Midnight Sun".
Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol made her debut in 2014 with the short story "Midnight Sun." In 2015, she released her first feature film “Socia”
He showed off his unique acting skills in ``Luphobia'' and began to gain recognition. Despite being his first feature-length debut, he perfectly expressed the realistic character, and at the time of filming, Hong Seok-jae
It received high praise not only from the director but also from the audience, and was noted as the birth of a next-generation star. Ryu Jun Yeol, who is expanding her career in TV series, appeared in tvN's "Reply 1988" in 2015.
He received favorable reviews and became a popular star. . Episode/anecdote:・August 16, 2017, girl group “Girl's
Day” Love Affair Rumors with HYERI has surfaced. After that, the agency confirmed with the couple and they admitted that they were in a relationship. .

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