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Shin EunSoo


  • Hangul: 신은수
  • Birthdate: 2002/10/23 (age 21)
  • Height/Weight: 160cm/43kg

Shin EunSoo (Korean: 신은수) is an actress, child actor, and talent. He passionately plays the role opposite Kang Dong Won in the movie “Hidden Time”! A popular teenage actress belonging to JYP.
Born on October 23, 2002. Height: 160cm. Weight: 43kg. Korean management office: JYP Entertainment. Representative work: [TV Series]
“Legend of the Blue Sea” (16/SBS), “Cinematic TV Series”
SF8” (20/MBC), “KBSTV Series Special 2022-19 Sea Otters” (22/KB
S), "I Don't Want to Do Anything" (22/ENA), "Shining Watermelon" (23/tvN) [Movie] "Hidden Time" (16).
Korean actress Shin EunSoo is a promising teenage actress under JYP Entertainment. His debut film “Kakure”
He won the 300 times higher audition competition for ``The Time I Got'' and was selected as actor Kang Dong Won's partner, and was in the spotlight as ``Kang Dong Won's partner.'' .

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