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The King's Affection

The King's Affection
  • English:The King's Affection
  • Korean:연모
  • Original Network: KBS2(2021)
  • Aired: 2021/10/11 - 2021/12/14
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Episode Review 2

pubic hair (Korean: 연모) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2021-10-11. The broadcast will end on 2021-12-14.
The broadcasting station is KBS2 (2021). The secret story of what happens when a child born to twins who was abandoned just because she was a girl disguises herself as a man and becomes the heir due to the death of her older brother's heir.
A secret court romance. . In the palace, where it is pouring rain, the crown prince gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The king became anxious, fearing that the birth of twins in the royal family would further upset the public sentiment, and Han Ki-jae, King of Howon, killed the baby girl.
I told him to stop getting sick after a while. Seiko devises a plan to somehow save her daughter's life... . The Korean TV series ``Love'' is about a child born to twins who was abandoned just because she was a girl, and who is forced to die due to the death of her older brother.
A secret court romance that occurs when a man disguises himself as a man and becomes a prince. Based on the manga of the same name. Total EP20. The final episode (EP20) recorded a personal best audience rating of 12.1%. Netflix simultaneous STREAM.
Actress Park Eun Bin plays the role of Crown Prince Lee Hwi, Ro Woon plays Lee Hwi's mentor Jeong Ji-eun, actor Nam YoonSu plays Lee Hwi's relative Lee Hyun, and Lee Hwi's bodyguard Kim Kim
Byung-chan (VICTON) will play Gaon, actress Bae Yoon Kyung will play Shin So-eun, the only daughter of Sergeant Ban-soo, and Chae Young (DIA) will play Noh Ha-kyung, the youngest daughter of Sergeant Ban-soo.


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