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My Name

My Name
  • English:My Name
  • Korean:마이 네임
  • Original Network: Netflix(2021)
  • Aired: 2021/10/15 - 2021/10/15
my name (Korean: 마이 네임) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2021-10-15. The broadcast will end on 2021-10-15.
The broadcasting station is Netflix (2021). In order to find the person who killed her father, Ji-woo joins the organization and infiltrates the police under a new name, and then faces the cold truth.
A work depicting revenge. . Ji-woo (Han Seo Hee) witnesses her father being killed in front of her eyes and dreams of revenge by joining the organization her father belonged to. She trains herself to survive in the world of beasts.
I keep going. At the suggestion of Moo-jin (Park Hee Soon), the boss of the Dong-cheon faction, Ji-woo gives up her name and infiltrates the police under the new name "Oh Hae-jin." He took it upon himself to find the person who killed his father.
Ji-woo dives into danger, confronting the cold truth, and single-mindedly pursues revenge. . Korean TV Series “My Name: Lies and Revenge”
” is about the cold truth that Ji-woo faces after joining the organization and infiltrating the police under a new name in order to find the person who killed his father.
A Netflix original series depicting truth and revenge. All EP9. Actress Han Seo Hee plays Yoon Ji-woo (Oh Hye-jin), a member of a drug organization who infiltrates the police, and Choi, the boss of South Korea's largest drug organization.
Actor Park Hee Soon will play Moo Jin, actor Ahn BoHyun will play detective Jung Pil Do of the narcotics investigation team, actor Kim Sang Ho will play the narcotics investigation team leader Cha Ki Ho, and actor Jung Tae Joo, a member of the drug organization.
Lee Hak Joo and Do Gang Jae, a former member of the drug organization, will be played by actor Chang Ryul.


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