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Soundtrack #1

Soundtrack #1
  • English:Soundtrack #1
  • Korean:사운드트랙#1
  • Original Network: Disney+(2022)
  • Aired: 2022/03/23 - 2022/04/13
Soundtrack #1 (Korean: 사운드트랙#1) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2022-03-23. The broadcast will end on 2022-04-13.
The broadcasting station is Disney+ (2022). A romance music TV series in which a man and a woman who have been best friends for 20 years live together for two weeks and learn about each other's feelings.
. . They were by each other's side for 20 years, but they lived together as friends, not lovers. However, before they know it, a strange emotional change begins between the two. Just a little touch can make your heart flutter, and the other person will notice other differences.
My heart hurts when I see them together. They can develop from friends to lovers, and this can be said to be a man and woman who are between love and friendship. .
The Korean TV series "Soundtrack #1" is about a man and a woman who have been best friends for 20 years.
This is a romance music TV series where you get to know each other's feelings while living together for a week. All EP4. Actress Han Seo Hee plays singer-songwriter Seo EunSu.
Park Hyeongsik (ZE:A) plays Han Sun-woo, a new cameraman. Even though the OST was released before TV SeriesSTREAM and has a lineup of gorgeous artists,
It became a hot topic. Part.1 “It seems that love cannot be expressed with words” Kyuhyun (SUPER JUNIOR) Released on 12/30/2021
Part.2 “I want to be happy” Park Boram released on 2022/01/06
Part.3 “It’s painful to think about my girlfriend who has feelings like a girl.”
DAVICHI Released on 2022/01/20 Part.4 "My Love" Kim Jung Kook Released on 2022/01/27 Part.5 "Please Tell Me" KIM JAE HWAN
Released on 2022/02/06 Part.6 “You are beautiful” Standing Egg Released on 2022/02/14 Part.7 “Just a little bit” Do Yeong (NCT)
Released on 2022/02/22 Part.8 "Now I want to change from friends to lovers" Monday Kiz Released on 2022/03/02
Part.9 “We shine brighter than any star” LEE HI released on 2022/03/14


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