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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars
  • English:Shooting Stars
  • Korean:별똥별
  • Original Network: tvN(2022)
  • Aired: 2022/04/22 - 2022/06/11
Shooting star (Korean: 별똥별) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2022-04-22. The broadcast will end on 2022-06-11.
The broadcasting station is tvN (2022). A romantic comedy that depicts the reality of the people behind the stars who shed blood, sweat, and tears to make them shine. .
Han Byul (Lee SungKyoung), the ace of Starforce Entertainment and head of the public relations team! I'm always worried that my actor will fall in love or have an accident.
, I'm worried that I'll make a mistake. Even though he couldn't find his own love life like he always did, he was sorting out his affiliated actors' Love Affair Rumors and just when he relaxed... Han Byul was most afraid.
I realize that that day is approaching. It's the day Taesung (Kim YoungDae), a top star who has been in Africa for exactly one year, enters the country... .
The Korean TV series ``Shooting Star'' is about stars like stars in the sky to make them shine.
A romantic comedy depicting the real scenes of people shedding blood, sweat, and tears. Total EP16. Simultaneous STREAM with UNEXT. Her highest audience rating was 1.8% for EP2.
Actress Lee Sung Kyoung will play Oh Han Byul, the head of Star Force Entertainment's public relations team.
Actor Kim YoungDae will play Gong Tae Sung, the star of Star Force Entertainment. Actor Yoon JongHoon plays Starforce Entertainment's management team leader Kang YOO SUN
is performed. Actress Kim YunHae will play Park Ho-young, the head of Starforce Entertainment's management team 2. Lee Jung Shin plays Star Force Enter's legal advisor Do Soo Hyuk
(CNBLUE) performs. On Star Ilbo reporter Cho Ki-bum is played by So Jin,


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