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True To Love

True To Love
  • English:True To Love
  • Korean:보라! 데보라
  • Original Network: ENA(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/04/12 - 2023/05/25
purple! Deborah (Korean: 보라! 데보라) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-04-12. The broadcast will end on 2023-05-25.
The broadcasting station is ENA (2023). A love coach who says, ``Love requires a strategy,'' and a publishing planner, who says, ``Love is about seriousness,'' depict a romance that begins while working together on a love book.
The work that was done. A romance begins between love coach Deborah (Yoo In Na) and publishing planner Soo Hyuk (Yoon Hyun Min) as they work together on a love book. .
The Korean TV series "Bora! Deborah - Always serious in love" is a collaboration between a love coach who says "love requires a strategy" and a publishing company who says "love is all about how serious you are."
This work depicts a romance that begins while the artists create a love book together. Simultaneous STREAM on Amazon Prime Video. Total EP14. His highest audience rating is 8th
1.2% of the story. Actress Yoo In Na plays Yeon Bora, Korea's number one love coach and love columnist. Actor Yoon Hyun plays Lee Soo Hyuk, a publishing planner and vice president of Book Publishing Jinri.
Performed by Min. Actor Joo SangWook will play Han Sang-jin, the representative of the book publishing company Jinri. Chanseong (2PM) will play Noh Joo Wan, the owner of a chicken franchise.
So Jin will play Lee Yoo Jung, the editor of Lifesta Yiruma Magazine. June JINHO (iKON) plays Yang JINHO, who has the highest level of survival and affinity.

"purple! Deborah is an ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama that aired from April 12, 2023 to May 25, 2023.


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