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Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938
  • English:Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938
  • Korean:구미호뎐1938
  • Original Network: tvN(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/05/06 - 2023/06/11
Episode Review 1

Tale of the Gumiho 1938 (Korean: 구미호뎐1938) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-05-06.
The broadcast will end on 2023-06-11. The broadcasting station is tvN (2023). A new series of the popular work “Nine-Tailed Fox Legend”! Crash landing in the chaotic times of 1938
An action TV series in which a nine-tailed fox tries to return to the present day. Four months after Ran's (Kim Bum) death, Lee Dong Wook regains his Gumiho powers on the condition of Ran's reincarnation.
). In order to protect the boundary between this world and the next world, an invincible visitor who took advantage of the red lunar eclipse breaks the Sanzu River and steals the handmade guardian stone of King Enma and disappears behind the cabinet.
cormorant. Yon jumps in to retrieve the guardian stone. Yeon wakes up in the bright sunlight and sees people wearing Hanbok and people wearing Western clothes, and hears 1930 voices coming from somewhere.
I hear a period-style song. Slightly confused, Yeon looks ahead and sees the scenery of Gyeongseong. . The Korean TV series "Nine-Tailed Fox 1938" is about a nine-tailed fox who crash-landed in the chaotic era of 1938.
An action TV series that takes you back to the present day. Total EP12. His highest audience rating was 8.0% for Episode 12. Lee Dong Wook, the nine-tailed fox, will be played by actor Lee Dong Wook.
Actor Kim Bum plays the nine-tailed fox Lee Rang. Actress Kim So Yeon will play Ryu Hong-joo, the owner of Myoyongak and the former mountain god in the west.
Actor Ryu Gyeong Su will play Jeon Moo-young, the former mountain god of the North. Actor Hwang Hee plays Yeon's right-hand man Goo Shin-joo in Special Fox.
Actress Kim YongJi plays Sunwoo Eun-ho, a reporter for Sunwoo Ilbo.
Actress Kim Suzyun will play the role of Uronkakshi, the owner of a clothing store.
Actor Han Gun-yoo will play Hong-joo's bodyguard Yoo Jae-yu.
Actress Kim Joo-young will play the role of Mae-hwa, a gisaeng at Myoyongak. Actress Nahyun plays the gisaeng Nancho of Myoyongak.
Actress Kang NaEon will play Kuk-hee, a gisaeng at Myoyongak. Actress Joo Ye Rim will play the gisaeng Juk Hyang of Myoyongak.
Actress Woo Hyun Jin plays the mermaid Jang Yo Hee.
Actor Jo Dal-hwan will play the number two member of the Majok group.
Actress Kim Jong Nan will play Tal Wipa, the number one person at the Immigration Office in the next life.
Actor Ahn Gil-gang will play Hyun Eun-eon, number 2 at the Immigration Office in the next life.
play. Actor Ha Do Kwon will play Ryuhei Kato, the Director of the Police Department of the Korean Government-General. Actor Lim GiHo plays Akira Saito, a member of the Security Division of the Police Bureau of the Korean Government-General.


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