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King the Land

King the Land
  • English:King the Land
  • Korean:킹더랜드
  • Original Network: JTBC(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/06/17 - 2023/08/06
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king the land (Korean: 킹더랜드) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-06-17. The broadcast will end on 2023-08-06.
The broadcasting station is JTBC (2023). A man who despises laughter and a smile queen who has to laugh really light up at VVIP lounge ``King the Land''
A TV series that depicts the process of creating a fun day. Won (Lee Junho), the successor to the King Group, has all the grace, intelligence, and financial power, but for some reason he doesn't like to fake a smile. That kind of thing
Now I have a reason to come back to King Hotel. Sarang (Lim Yoon-ah), an intern at the King Hotel, does her best with a smile even though she is called a ``disposable intern''. In this way, Kin
Won and Sarang met at a hotel. Two people from different worlds end up getting involved due to a misunderstanding, but is it a coincidence? Is it a connection? .
Korean TV Series "King the Land" features a man who despises laughter and a smile queen who has to laugh.
A TV series depicting how they create a truly bright and funny day at the VVIP lounge "King the Land". Simultaneous STREAM on Netflix.
Total EP16. His highest audience rating was 13.8% for Episode 16. Goo Won, the son of King Group and successor of King Hotel,
Played by Junho (2PM). Yoona (SNSD) will play Jeong Sa-rang, who rose to the rank of King the Land from the information desk with perfect customer service.
Actress Go Won Hee will play Oh Pyong-hwa, a King Air flight attendant and Sa-rang's friend. Actress Kim Ga Eun will play Kang Da Eul, the King Group's sales queen.
Actor Ahn Se-ha plays Won's secretary Noh Sang-sik. Actor Kim Jae Won plays King Air employee Lee Ro-woon.

“King the Land” is a JTBC Saturday and Sunday drama that aired from June 17, 2023 to August 6, 2023.


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