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Bad Family

Bad Family
  • English:Bad Family
  • Korean:불량가족
  • Original Network: SBS(2006)
  • Aired: 2006/03/15 - 2006/05/11
bad family (Korean: 불량가족) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2006-03-15. The broadcast ended on 2006-05-11.
The broadcasting station is SBS (2006). Popular actors and talents perform well! The Hot Topic TV Series gained popularity for its “laughter” and “impressions”.
On the way to his brother's wedding, a 9-year-old Narim (Lee Young Yoo) loses his family when his car overturns. Narim, the only survivor, was shocked by the accident.
I lost all my memories before the accident. Narim lost his family and was left alone. At the same time, he became the sole heir to his grandfather, who was running a company. His guardian, lawyer Hwang, wrote:
He prepares a fake family for Narim, who has lost his memory, and tries to stabilize his mind and body. People with various circumstances gathered at Nalim's house under the direction of Oh Dal-geon (Kim Myung Min).
As each person fulfills their role, they become more like a real family than their own. . The Korean TV series ``Delinquent Family'' is a moving story created by the cast's comical acting and a fake family.
Gain popularity. Kim Hee-chul from the popular group Super Junior and the sexy beauty Hyunyoung, who is also a singer and entertainer, will appear.
dominated the subject. Lee Young Yoo, who played Na Rim, is a genius child actor who won a Drama Award in 2005 for ``Delinquent Househusband.'' She has also served as a cover model for the Japanese children's magazine Mebae. Also Rai
She belongs to the same JYP company as n. I can't take my eyes off Lee Young Yoo's acting.

“Bad Family” is an SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that aired from March 22, 2006 to May 11, 2006. The screenplay is written by Lee Hee-myeong and directed by Han Eun-kyung.
Director Yoo In-sik. Meanwhile, Han Chae-young was originally selected to play the role of Kim Yang-ah, played by Nam Sang-mi, but she declined due to differences of opinion with the production team.