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  • English:Chi-hwa-seon
  • Korean: 취화선
  • Release Date: 2002/05/10
  • Duration: 119分
Chihwaseon (Korean: 취화선) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2002-05-10. The running time is 119 minutes.
The first Korean feature film to win the Cannes International Film Festival! .
Choi Min Sik reunites with Byeong Moon (An Seong Ki), who saved him when he was kidnapped by thugs.
). Byung-moon discovers that Seung-up has an extraordinary talent for drawing. At first glance, Seung-up seems to be drunk and lazy, but in fact, the more he gets drunk, the more beautiful his pictures become. Eventually, the talent for painting
He began to demonstrate his ability and gained fame as a painter. However, he gradually loses his freedom and begins to suffer from the humanity of those around him, who only see his paintings as a commercial transaction. .
A historical drama film co-starring Choi Min Sik and An Seong Ki. It was the first feature film to win the Director's Award at the Cannes Film Festival. 2 people
``Suigasen'', which co-starred some of the biggest names in the series, is appealing not only for the wonderful performances of its top-notch actors, but also for its overwhelming visual beauty, which focuses on artistry rather than its depth as a TV series.