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Antarctic Journal

Antarctic Journal
  • English:Antarctic Journal
  • Korean: 남극일기
  • Release Date: 2005/05/19
  • Duration: 115分
Antarctica Diary (Korean: 남극일기) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2005-05-19. The running time is 115 minutes.
It's worth seeing! A deep suspense PENG SOO horror by talented actors.
A group of six explorers continues their journey towards the point of no reach in Antarctica. That's a minus
A place with some of the harshest natural conditions on earth, with temperatures reaching 80 degrees. One day, they discover the diary of a British expedition that was shipwrecked 80 years ago.
Things start happening. There are even more casualties, and the members are at odds over whether to advance or retreat, but the captain (Song Kang Ho) insists that they aim for their destination... .
``Antarctic Diary'' is a work depicting Antarctica originating from South Korea, created by a promising young director. Song Kang-ho, one of Korea's most famous actors, was invited to
The cast of actors, including Yoo Ji Tae and Kang Hye Jeong, who played well in ``Rudo Boy'', is also super gorgeous. I can't take my eyes off to the end to see what they see in this extreme situation.