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The Classic

The Classic
  • English:The Classic
  • Korean: 클래식
  • Release Date: 2003/01/30
  • Duration: 129分
A classic (Korean: 클래식) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2003-01-30. The running time is 129 minutes.
A heartbreaking love story between a mother and daughter that travels back and forth between the present and 30 years ago.
Ji-hye (Song YEJIN) and Soo-kyung (Lee Sang Yi-in), who attend the same university, like Sang-min (Jo In Sung), a senior in the drama club. However, the exaggerated Soo-kyung is
She asks Dal Ji-hye to write a love letter to Sang-min, and Ji-hye has no choice but to confess her heart to Sang-min using Soo-kyung's name. Ji-hye writes a love letter to Soo-kyung and Sa.
She feels sad watching Ng-min get married, but by chance she starts running into Sang-min all the time. One day, Ji-hye happens to find her mother Chu-hee (Song YEJI) in the attic.
When she finds the secret box of her father, she learns of her mother's classic love that is very similar to her own... .
The original title of the Korean movie "Love Story" is "Classic". Movie “Hunting”
This is a work by director Kwak Jae-young, who had a huge hit in South Korea following ``My Strange Girl'', and the detailed production is beautiful, such as using classic masterpieces in memorable scenes in the movie. Also,
It also features passionate performances from Korea's leading stars such as Song Yejin, Cho Seung Woo, and Jo In Sung. Lovers from different eras communicate with each other while repeatedly passing each other's hearts.
Many in the audience shed tears at the story of the strike's ``miracle''.