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Love Phobia

Love Phobia
  • English:Love Phobia
  • Korean: 도마뱀
  • Release Date: 2006/04/27
  • Duration: 117分
A lizard (Korean: 도마뱀) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2006-04-27. The running time is 117 minutes.
A love story that called Hot Topic for the casting of “Best Couple”
. On his way to school, 8-year-old Jo Kang (Park Conte) falls in love with a strange girl. The girl who had transferred to my school from somewhere was wearing a yellow raincoat even though it wasn't raining.
Her name is Lee Ari (Byun Jo-young). It is said that if she does not wear a raincoat, the curse placed on her will be passed on to others. The children were skeptical, but they touched the ant.
After the teacher was injured, everyone started to fear her and avoid her. Except for Jogan... 10 years later, I asked Ali (Kang HyeJeong) who suddenly contacted me and asked Jo Kang (Chi).
Yo Seung Woo) visits the temple where she used to live... . The Korean movie "The Lizard's Cute Lie" stars Cho Seung Woo from "Marathon" and Cho Seung Woo from "Old Boy" and "Let's Go to Dongmakgeol."
Kang Hye Jeong. The two were actually lovers, so it became a hot topic when it was released. Pay attention to her natural acting. Co-stars include Kang Shin-il of "Mr. Socrates" and other talented actors.
. It is also the debut film for director Kang Ji-eun, who worked as an assistant director on ``Silmido'' and ``The Public Enemy.''