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Seven Days

Seven Days
  • English:Seven Days
  • Korean: 세븐 데이즈
  • Release Date: 2007/11/14
  • Duration: 125分
Seven Days (Korean: 세븐 데이즈) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2007-11-14. The running time is 125 minutes.
A crime thriller starring “World Star” Kim Yun Jin.
JIYEON (Kim Yun Jin), a cold-blooded lawyer with a 100% win rate, is in the spotlight for his excellent skills, but
She is a zero-point mother to her daughter. One day, she attends her daughter's sports day to show off her motherly side, but when she looks away, her daughter disappears. Then the phone rang and said, ``I don't want my child to die.''
Please release the murderer Jeon Cheol Jin within 7 days! ” JIYEON's struggle begins to free the perfect murderer Jeong Cheol-jin within the 7-day deadline. .
The Korean movie ``Seven Days'' stars actress Kim Yun Jin, who is currently active in South Korea and the United States and has appeared in the blockbuster movie ``Shuri'' and the American TV series ``Lost.'' give up holidays
She even went through the trouble of filming, and passionately played the role of lawyer Yoo Jiyeon, who defends a death row inmate in order to save her kidnapped daughter, and brilliantly portrayed the role of a strong mother who faces hardships. photograph
This work has attracted attention from the beginning and received positive reviews even after its release.