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Open City

Open City
  • English:Open City
  • Korean: 무방비도시
  • Release Date: 2008/01/10
  • Duration: 112分
Defenseless City (Korean: 무방비도시) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2008-01-10. The running time is 112 minutes.
An action movie in which Song Yejin takes on the role of a dangerous and sexy pickpocket.
The South Korean FBI <Wide Area Investigation Team> is made up of the country's most elite detectives and handles heinous cases. inside it
However, veteran detective Cho Dae-young (Kim Myung Min) boasts the No. 1 clearance rate. Dae-young, who was investigating a serial murder case, is instructed to take charge of a corporate-style pickpocketing case linked to the Yakuza.
Ru. Dae-young is dissatisfied with only dealing with pickpocketing cases. He had indelible memories associated with pickpocketing. On the other hand, a member of an international pickpocket organization with a gorgeous appearance and near-divine skills
Leader Baek Chan-mi (Song Yejin) tries to expand the organization by calling on Kang Man-ok, a legendary pickpocket (Kim Hye Soo-k) who was recently released from prison, but Man-ok, who has decided to retire, tries to convince him to retire.
It wasn't easy... Dae-young, who is in hiding in order to understand the actual situation of the pickpocket organization, coincidentally ends up saving Jang-mi who is being chased by a rival pickpocket organization, and the two meet each other.
It's love at first sight. . The Korean movie ``Unguarded City'' is a work about the battle between a pickpocket crime organization and a wide area investigation team. Song Yejin, who plays the leader of a pickpocket organization, is actually in front of a pickpocket.
He reportedly received lessons from a scientist before filming. Even before the release of the movie, attention was focused on Song Yejin's passionate performance, who took on the role of a villain, unlike her previous innocent image. Also, although he is a detective, he also deals with pickpockets.
Kim Myung Min, who gained popularity with roles such as ``The White Tower,'' plays the role of Dae-young, who is involved in a dangerous love story.