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Death Bell

Death Bell
  • English:Death Bell
  • Korean: 고사: 피의 중간고사
  • Release Date: 2008/08/07
  • Duration: 85分
Exam: A bloody midterm exam (Korean: 고사: 피의 중간고사) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2008-08-07.
The running time is 85 minutes. A Hot Topic horror movie starring former <See Ya> Nam Gyuri.
One Saturday before the university entrance exam, in a classroom of high school seniors, the top two students
A class called "Special Elite Class" was being held with 0 students participating. Suddenly, "Für Elise" plays from the speakers, and at the same time the top student begins to suffer.
At first, a voice echoed through the classroom, saying, ``In order to survive, we must answer the questions correctly.'' The only condition to not be killed is to answer correctly within the time limit. In this way, survive
The ``death test'' had begun. . The Korean movie ``Ko-Shin: Mid-term Examination of Blood'' is a horror movie that became a Hot Topic due to the appearance of Nam Gyuri from former <See Ya>. It's summer every year
It's a horror movie that always pops up on screens and makes viewers feel cool, but ``Koshi: Mid-term Exam of Blood'' was released early at the Bucheon Film Festival, where it received a lot of praise and is a guaranteed work.