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A Frozen Flower

A Frozen Flower
  • English:A Frozen Flower
  • Korean: 쌍화점
  • Release Date: 2008/12/30
  • Duration: 133分
Ssanghwa branch (Korean: 쌍화점) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2008-12-30. The running time is 133 minutes.
A hot topic historical drama film with handsome actors and love scenes between same-sex and opposite-sex characters.
Set in the late Goryeo Dynasty, which was under oppression from the former Goryeo Dynasty, love and betrayal lead to miscommunication and sword fighting in a conspiracy to usurp the throne.
The story depicts the king (Joo Jin Mo), his samurai bodyguard Hongrim (Jo In Sung), and the doomed queen (Song JIHYO) who came from a former country. .
The Korean movie ``Frost Flower Shop'' is a work directed by Yoo Ha, who has been a hot topic since the early stages of production for its bold love scenes between opposite and same-sex characters. Director Yoo Ha directed the film.
It is defined as a ``melody TV series in which three men and women go back and forth between emotional extremes over the obstacle of sexual identity.'' Also, since it is a historical drama, there are many action scenes, and the actors
It is said that he practiced with the stunt team for four to five months before filming and learned sword techniques. Starring popular actors Jo In Sung and Joo Jin Mo, as well as a young actress who has appeared in "Gong" and "Jumong".
Song JIHYO. Furthermore, handsome actors such as Lim Ju Hwan, Song Joong Ki, and No Min Woo play members of the Royal Guards. When it was released, it attracted many viewers despite its R rating.
It became the first blockbuster movie of 2009.

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