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The Scam

The Scam
  • English:The Scam
  • Korean: 작전
  • Release Date: 2009/02/12
  • Duration: 119分
Operations (Korean: 작전) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2009-02-12. The running time is 119 minutes. A hilarious crime thriller starring Park Yong Ha.
Hyun-soo (Park Yong Ha) is a part-time worker who enters the stock market with the aim of getting rich quickly and is involved in a 60 billion won (approximately 4.3 billion yen) "strategy (stock price manipulation)" and a calm upstream asset manager.
The story revolves around So-young (Kim MIN JEONG), a lawyer, and Jung-gu (Park Hee Soon), who quit his job as a member of a gang and entered the world of stocks. .
The Korean movie ``Operation'' uses stocks, which have rarely been used in Korean movies, as the material.
I have to. The lead role is Park Yong Ha, who is also popular in Japan. This is his first screen return in seven years. The director and scriptwriter was Lee Ho-jae, who made his feature debut with this film. At the production presentation,
``When I started writing the scenario, the stock market was booming, but then it became depressed and I had to revise the scenario.I wanted to avoid being judged as unrealistic.''
It's on.