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Closer to Heaven

Closer to Heaven
  • English:Closer to Heaven
  • Korean: 내사랑 내곁에
  • Release Date: 2009/09/24
  • Duration: 121分
my love next to me (Korean: 내사랑 내곁에) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2009-09-24. The running time is 121 minutes.
The ultimate love story in which Kim Myung Min lost 20 kg and performed passionately. Lou Gerich's disease (amyotrophic lateral cord sclerosis), which gradually paralyzes the body
Patient Jung Woo (Kim Myung Min). One day, after losing her only relative, her mother, she had a fateful reunion with Jisoo (Ha Ji Won), who grew up in the same hometown as her childhood, and they fell in love.
Ru. The couple got married a year later and ended up staying at a hospital. Jung-woo's symptoms worsen to the point where he can no longer move his fingers, but thanks to his wife Jisoo, who is always by his side, he is happier than ever.
Rimo was also passionate about fighting the disease. "Jisoo, I wonder if a miracle will happen to me too?" A ward where critically ill patients with general paralysis gather. A patient gradually shows hope for surgery while encouraging each other with friends who are struggling with the same pain.
Some patients have also started to recover. However, Jung-woo's condition gets worse and worse, and Jung-woo, who takes his illness in stride and works hard to fight it, begins to grow tired of his own body's gradual changes. .
The Korean movie "My Love, Beside Me" is a love story about a man fighting the incurable disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and his wife who supports him. The characters who played the role of the patient were those from ``The White Tower'' and ``Beethoven Wills.''
' Actor Kim Myung Min. He lost 20 kg for the role. His wife Jisoo was played by Ha Ji Won, a popular actress who has starred in films such as ``The Sword of Chaeok.''