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A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow
  • English:A Better Tomorrow
  • Korean: 무적자
  • Release Date: 2010/09/16
  • Duration: 124分
invincible (Korean: 무적자) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2010-09-16. The running time is 124 minutes.
A hit work in early fall 2010 that is a remake of a Hong Kong masterpiece.
Brothers Hyuk (Joo Jin Mo) and Chul (Kim Gang Woo) were separated when they were young. My brother Hyuk is Takeshi
As the boss of a drug trafficking organization, he meets his younger brother Chul as a police officer. The brothers, who love each other more than any other brother, begin to fight each other by pointing guns at each other's hearts.

Hyuk and Song Seung Heon have been friends for 10 years and have led the organization. The two of them risk their lives for each other, and TAEMIN (Jo Han Sun), a member of the organization,
Many things are lost due to dirty tricks.

Hyuk tries to escape from the organization, Chul tries to arrest the organization, and Young-chun dreams of resurrection. Suffering from deep wounds and misunderstandings, they fall into TAEMIN's conspiracy to get everything.
I'm being swayed around, but... . The original title of the movie ``Men's Elegy'' is ``Invincible''. A Korean version of the masterpiece "Men's Elegy" (1986), which created a new trend in the Hong Kong film industry called "Hong Kong Noir".
It's a remake. The starring cast includes popular stars Joo Jin Mo, Song Seung Heon, Kim Gang Woo, and Jo Han Sun.