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  • English:Always
  • Korean: 오직 그대만
  • Release Date: 2011/10/20
  • Duration: 105分
only you (Korean: 오직 그대만) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2011-10-20. The running time is 105 minutes.
Opening work for the 16th Busan International Film Festival. He was a strong boxer
Cheol Min (So Ji Sub) has closed his heart deeply due to a dark wound. Jeonghwa (Han) is always bright and dignified despite losing his eyesight.
Hyo Joo). Cheol-min is spending a lonely time in a small parking lot when his flower-like girlfriend Jeong-hwa appears. Someone who loves me more than me. If I close my two eyes, it will become clearer.
The face is just you... . The Korean movie "Just You" is an authentic Korean love story that cannot be told without tears, following the blockbuster hits "Eraser in My Head" and "You Are My Destiny." one woman
So Ji Sub enthusiastically played the role of a boxer who sacrifices himself for the sake of the actor, and is said to have worked hard on boxing training before filming. The co-star is a well-known actor in Japan, having appeared in TV series such as ``Brilliant Heritage'' and ``Tony.''
Popular actress Han Hyo Ju.

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