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A Reason to Live

A Reason to Live
  • English:A Reason to Live
  • Korean: 오늘
  • Release Date: 2011/10/27
  • Duration: 119分
Today (Korean: 오늘) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2011-10-27. The running time is 119 minutes. This work depicts the change of state of mind of a woman whose fiance is killed.
One year after her loved one left, what did she learn? Da-hye (Song Hye Kyo) is a documentary PD who lost her fiance in a motorcycle hit-and-run accident on her birthday. permission
Believing that everyone can be happy if they do so, a year after forgiving the boy who committed the crime, he planned a documentary on the theme of "forgiveness," and began visiting victims of various incidents and filming it.
. As filming progresses, the 17-year-old boy he forgave himself comes to mind. As I was calmly proceeding with the filming with the idea that he was living an honest life, I happened to hear some information about the boy that made a big difference.
I'm going to be shocked... . The Korean movie ``Today'' focuses on the change of state of mind of Da-hye, a documentary producer whose fiance was murdered. Starring Song Hye Kyo is a movie
She appeared in a domestic movie for the first time in four years after ``Hwang Jin Hee,'' and was attracting attention from the production stage. Also, for director Lee Jung-hyang (“The Zoo Next to the Art Museum,” etc.), who took the megaphone,
This is his first work in nine years since ``Grandma's House.''