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  • English:Pacemaker
  • Korean: 페이스 메이커
  • Release Date: 2012/01/19
  • Duration: 124分
pace maker (Korean: 페이스 메이커) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2012-01-19. The running time is 124 minutes.
A sports movie that focuses on pacemakers.
I have a pacemaker. Pacemakers are used in sports such as marathons and swimming.
A player who is strategically introduced to shorten the record of a winning candidate. He is a national representative who cannot win medals and has to run for the sake of others. Marathon is 42.19
5km, but my finishing point is always up to 30km. A national representative with no hope for medals or glory... Lead the way and run up to 30km for someone's victory. That is my goal and my mission. So
Someday, I want to run for myself! . As the title suggests, the Korean movie "Pacemaker" is about a marathon pacemaker as the main character. The lead role is a representative performance of Korea.
Actor Kim Myung Min. The film depicts a pacemaker played by him attempting to run a marathon for the first time in his life. Co-stars include national actor An Seong Ki and young actress Ara (Go Ara).