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  • English:Howling
  • Korean: 하울링
  • Release Date: 2012/02/09
  • Duration: 114分
Howling (Korean: 하울링) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2012-02-09. The running time is 114 minutes.
Starring Song Kang Ho! A crime movie based on "Frozen Fang."
A mysterious series of murders...the only clues are the marks of the beast's teeth... There was a reason for his murder. Song Kang, a veteran detective in a powerful unit who is pushed down by his juniors every time he is promoted.
e). In the midst of a self-immolation case with low grades, a new female detective from the patrol squad, Eun-young (Lee Nayeon), comes in as a partner. Sang-gil begins his investigation with tears in his eyes, but... .
The Korean movie "Howling" is based on the Naoki Award-winning film "Frozen Fang." This crime story revolves around a veteran detective and a novice female detective who track down serial murders caused by spontaneous combustion. "Vile City" and "Frost"
Director Yoo Ha, who directed "Flower Shop," took the lead. Starring Korea's leading acting actor Song Kang Ho and popular actress Lee Nayeon.