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As One

As One
  • English:As One
  • Korean: 코리아
  • Release Date: 2012/05/03
  • Duration: 127分
korea (Korean: 코리아) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2012-05-03. The running time is 127 minutes. A touching film depicting the true story of the unified North and South table tennis team.
Hyun Jeong-hwa (Ha Ji Won) is a star who started a table tennis boom in the Republic of Korea in 1991. She was always pushed back by China and unfortunately ended up winning silver medals, but she was chosen as a world athlete for the 41st time.
Before the tournament, news arrives that a team will be formed to unify the North and South. John Fany, aiming for the gold medal, made a decision like a bolt out of the blue. Despite opposition from players and coaches, the North-South decision was forced.
unified team. Players from the North and South unified under the name "Korea." Due to differences in practice methods, lifestyles, and language, the players all began to hit each other, and John, the ace of both teams and rival.
The battle of nerves between Hwa and Bae Doo na increases day by day... . The Korean movie "KOREA" is a moving work based on a true story that happened 21 years ago in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. First time after partition
For the first time ever, the North and South unified table tennis team won the championship. The North-South Unification Table Tennis Team was formed for the first time in 1991 with the aim of resolving the stalemate between North and South relations. We fought hard to win in other countries without knowing each other well.
A passionate challenge for 46 days. Actress Ha Ji Won played the role of Hyun Jeong Hwa, who was a key player at the time, and Bae Doo Na played the role of Ri Bun Hee. Actors act like real table tennis players
For this reason, he underwent six months of rigorous training. The training was conducted by director Hyun Jeong-hwa, who plays the main character in the movie and is currently active as an instructor. The Japanese title is "Hana ~ Miraculous 46"