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The Tower

The Tower
  • English:The Tower
  • Korean: 타워
  • Release Date: 2012/12/25
  • Duration: 121分
Tower (Korean: 타워) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2012-12-25. The running time is 121 minutes. A TV series based on a fire accident in a high-rise building.
Dae-ho (Kim Sang Kyung), a single father and facility manager of Tower Sky, a skyscraper residential and retail complex, is celebrating Christmas Eve with his beloved daughter Hana (Cho MinAh).
I promise to spend some time with you. At the Tower Sky food mall that Dae-ho loves, Yoon-hee (Song Yejin), the manager, spends time with Hana in place of Dae-ho's busy schedule. On the other hand, it is called a legend
Yong-gi (Sol Kyung Gu), the fire chief of the Yeouido Fire Department, promises to go on a date with his wife on their first Christmas Eve after marriage. Christmas party that evening when everyone is happy
An unexpected fire accident occurs at Tower Sky where... . The Korean movie ``Tower'' is based on a fire accident in a high-rise building. Starring Sol Kyung Gu who plays a firefighter
Her acting shines. Actress Song Ye Jin will play the role of a restaurant manager who calmly copes with the fear, and Kim Sang Kyung will play the role of the building's facility management team leader who helps extinguish the fire. ``Gwangju
Director Kim Ji Hun of ``5.8'' and ``SECTOR7'' took the megaphone. The Japanese title is ``The Tower: Skyscraper Fire'' and it was released in Japan in August 2013.

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